Mar Vista – Laguna Beach – Contemporary

This contemporary home in Laguna Beach is 3,485 spft. It has 4 bedrooms 4.5 baths. The home is state of the art with Smart Home Digital Interiors technology in security, lighting and audio visual. Wonderful finishes in a masterpiece design of blending natural stone, glass, metal and wood using only the finest hardware. IS5um7adrzy3hf0000000000 ISxvqx3ptvyeef0000000000 IS1jrokqm5ekaf0000000000 ISl286nitneryg1000000000 ISxvq5eih8jaud0000000000 IStwotmlxw6wyf0000000000 ISt8mbwafv11cf0000000000 ISppotvbd0bdud0000000000 ISpheoinxs01bf0000000000 ISdg1ogk8gnhbf0000000000 ISdsempo3dhkdf0000000000 ISh79bu7qiohcf0000000000 IShz29ipjeg9ff0000000000 ISludx1m4jlvef0000000000 IS5yp8gmu13qff0000000000 IStwc8ej5pp6gf0000000000